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Thursday, July 31, 2014

DCS 2014 - Dayton Ohio

 Doc Brown, Jennifer Parker, Mayor Goldie Wilson and Marvin Berry awaiting our special presentation BTTF musical.

So DeLorean Car Show 2014 happened, and I've been too much of a giant slacking ziphead to post about it. And now there's no point because my buddy Manson has already done a super bang-up job of that over here.

Oh, what the hell. Here's my condensed (IE more pathetic) version.

Dayton Ohio's DCS 2014 featured a record 159 DeLoreans. This was Ken Koncelik's final show, and he went out with a bang: Bob Gale, Claudia Wells, Don Fullilove, Jeffrey Weissman, Harry Waters Jr, and Christopher Lloyd all attended.

Jordan Livingston continued shooting footage for his movie, Nick Sutton signed copies of his book and that guy who designed the Hot Wheels DeLorean (in his spare time) gave a presentation. A huge hit was Fairfield High School performing an astonishing Back to the Future musical for us, after which Harry Waters Jr. (Marvin Berry) performed Earth Angel. I cried. I mean clapped. I clapped. I applauded.

 Mrs. Sharkey's pink accented DeLorean makes Barbie jealous.Under colossal tents our cars were corralled, to be judged by a thorough team of five. Prior to Saturday's judging, Chris Lloyd strolled through the tented area signing autographs, meeting old friends, and drawing on his own neck with a Sharpie. For a 3rd time he posed for a photo with me, and for a 3rd time he just stood there like a cardboard cutout.

I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm a loser.

Prototype 1 was there, for sale. It was offered to my friend Tom for $180,000, but he declined. Nobody offered it to me; I don't know why. (Incidentally, packing up my DeLorean Saturday night I overheard Jason Sharkey say it had sold, but I did not hear the name of the potential buyer. Leave me alone, I was tired.)

Out front Rich W. parked his 6-door DeLorean Limo alongside D-Rex and a kick-ass, screen-accurate Ecto-1. Some of the wonderment under the tents included an automated Tellus carrier from the DMC factory floor, Cliff Schmucker's gorgeous stainless chassis, and a mega-rare motorized DeLorean pedal car.

Despite all this awesome junk (including hover conversions!), there was a whole pile of stuff I missed. I spent far too much time cleaning and worrying about my DeLorean. It paid off for me, but I do regret not spending more time just hanging out with friends.

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