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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The New Cadbury Screme Egg

Super awesome display makes eggs extra creepy. Thumbs up to the designer.Have you seen these? The Cadbury Screme Egg? They've been available for just over a month, and they're brilliant. So brilliant in fact, that I literally screamed in the store when I saw them, and wondered why I hadn't thought of the idea first.

Screme instead of creme? Brilliant! Creepy green goo instead of yellow? Brilliant! Mummy wraps and pink brain foil wrappers? Brilliant! And a killer display to boot!

I have a love/hate relationship with Cadbury. As you may know, Cadbury is not forthcoming in their creme egg production. While no person (that I'm aware of) has filed a lawsuit over their lying about egg production, they are clearly are hiding the truth from consumers.

If you read my previous post about Cadbury, you'll know they're either a bit of an evil corporation, or their staff is dumb as hell. Either way, it is a concern for the public.

Creme egg gone bad? Nope. Just creepy green goo for Halloween!The fact is, Cadbury eggs are not all made or shipped by Kraft Foods. Hershey has the Cadbury contract in the United States. When egg-demand cannot be met in Canada, Hershey fills the void, shipping eggs up from the States, wrapped in different foil, which Cadbury denies.

Now, I have no problem with Hershey being involved. Where I have a problem is with Cadbury covering it up and/or lying to consumers about it. Even a child knows honesty is the best policy, but Cadbury doesn't see it that way. With food-related illness, deaths and lawsuits at higher instances than ever before, there should be more transparency ever in the food industry. But Cadbury just doesn't get it.

Luckily, what they DO get, is that consumers want amazing Halloween-themed treats. It's nice to know that once you get past the stupidity of their front-line staff, there are some scorchingly great minds working there.

The Cadbury Screme Egg: proof that there is some goodness in everything evil.

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