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Saturday, August 07, 2010

I Like Stainless Steel. Duh.

Stainless steel glory - the Gateway Arch. Image possibly for sale. I'll let you know.

I loves the stainless steel. I guess you could say I collect it. After all, it's arguably the most recognizable feature of my favourite car, the DeLorean. Many people would argue the gullwing doors top the list of notable features. For me, it's a tough call.

Regardless, it was my love of stainless steel that first lead Suz and I to DCS in Lexington, Kentucky this June. And my love for stainless steel which, when the show ended, lured us west to St. Louis, Missouri.

The Gateway Arch is a magnificent stainless monument towering over the Mississippi. I had been excited to visit it for a long time. When I encountered all 630 feet of it in person I was stunned even further. Each stainless panel has its own unique characteristics. Reflection of light, colour, and even the names and graffiti scratched into the surfaces.

I couldn't get enough. And so I sat there, day after day taking photos, often alone because my poor wife couldn't handle my obsession. I snapped every angle I could possibly imagine, and a few I couldn't.

The Gateway Arch liked my blue shirt.On a few occasions I was able to convince Suz to take my picture with the arch. The arch didn't mind. It enjoys its celebrity. You will notice I'm wearing the same blue shirt as featured in my recent post, The Rare DeLorean Spare. The shirt is not available for purchase, but inquiries are welcome.

What's more amazing is how modern the Arch is. Futuristic even. Completed in 1965 from plans developed in 1947 and utterly full of mathematics, the Arch makes the CN Tower look like a bulky pile of concrete crap. Which says a lot, because the CN Tower is waaaaaay neat-o.

Underground, I took more pictures, shocked at the magnitude of the vast museum, memorial, shops, theatre and trams. What was I expecting? A little elevator in the side of one of the legs? Embarrassingly, yes.

Looking back at my pictures, I know I didn't take enough. I know I'll go back one day. Maybe I'll have to go alone. Maybe it's better that I do. Did I tell you that I love stainless steel? Don't act like you didn't know.

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