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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Frankenberry - It's Alive!

Just like Dr. Frankenstein in Mary Shelley's classic novel, I decided to create a monster. My Monster cereal supply has been dwindling and I wanted to give my breakfast a jolt of new life.

I've dubbed it Boookenberry! That's right, Boookenberry, with three 'O's. Muhuhahaha!

Satisified with my toothpaste sketch on my bathroom mirror, I headed downstairs to begin the operation. I carefully added Booberry cereal to my bowl. Then, ever so gently, I coaxed an equal amount of Frankenberry cereal into the same bowl. These turned out to be the correct components that I needed, and in the proper proportions.

My experiment was slightly different than Dr. Frankenstein's however. Instead of using electricity to bring my Monster cereal to life, I used a white, milky substance: Bovine juice.

After I poured the liquid onto my new creation, I realized I only had a few minutes to test it before it turned soggy and rotten. Using a spoon, I ate the Boookenberry. The morsels of the mixed cereals crunched between my teeth and the marshmallows slid down my throat.


I recorded the results of my experiment for future reference, and have hidden the papers. I suspect the government will not be pleased with my fooling with nature. Neither Frankenberry nor Booberry are permitted in my country. I've risked a great deal by bringing them both here.

My hope is to prove, through the success of this experiment, that these two General Mills cereals are not dangerous, either singally, or co-mingled, and should be available to all Canadians.

With this proof, I will eventually bring joy back to our proud country of Frankenberry-loving Canucks.

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Blogger TheatreChick73 said...

Sounds positively yummy! Definitely worth the hazardous risks.

4:24:00 PM

Blogger ms. creek said...

yummy! now i'm hungry for cereal and it's almost time for bed! all i have is my macadamia nut with cranberry cereal! dang it!

12:29:00 AM


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