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Friday, February 03, 2006

Ryan Yu, Where Did You Go?

Image U of T Kendo champions 1999.

The internet is proving to be more than just a game with difficult levels and tough Kung-fu type bosses. It has turned out to be a pretty useful tool. In "The Fast And The Furious" Domenic found out everything he thought he needed about Brian Spilner on the internet.

I took a page from his book and, using the all-powerful internet, attempted to find my best friend, Ryan Yu, who moved to Sarnia when we were in grade 10.

I tried using Google Maps, which didn't work, because Ryan isn't an address. I ran into the same error on MapQuest as well. I tried entering my own address, and I was astounded to see that Ryan supposedly lived at my house! I looked around but couldn't find him, so it must have been an error.

A few of my best memories of Ry include watching Ed-209 "malfunction" in Robocop, having Zap It watergun fights in the summer, and learning to skateboard. Ryan was good. I stunk. Giving up was inevitable. Mountain biking was more my thing.

Once in a while I searched for Ryan on Classmates.com, hoping he would post himself. He didn't. So I searched for him.

During my searching I came across the above picture, with Ryan Yu front and centre, giving the thumbs up after a Kendo Championship win in 1999. His Kendo group practised at University of Toronto and I assume that U of T was his choice for an institution for higher learning during the mid 1990's.

So where is Ry now? I dunno. That's why I've enlisted a group of ruthless internet minions to help me in my search.

Go, minions, and bring me news of Ryan's whereabouts!


Blogger Ellie Creek Ellis said...

this sounds like mission impossible!





5:23:00 PM

Blogger Martini said...

ACK! Don't say that! That's like telling an adopted kid he'll never find his real parents! Okay, it's not like that at all. But still!

6:56:00 PM

Blogger Rainypete said...

Get off your pipmly butt and find him yourself!!

oh and Zap-it guns were the coolest, you just couldn't spray your hypercolour shirts or it fried them for some reason.

12:14:00 PM


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