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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Price of Gas

If you can't afford gasoline, maybe you shouldn't be driving.

I just paid $1.16 a litre for gas.

Since gas prices have been on the rise, Randy McDingus has been complaining a lot. "Oh dear!" exclaimed Randy, "It is not fair that I should pay 89 cents per litre of fuel!" Screw you Mr. McDingus. Now you know what it's like to own a sports car.

The engine in my Eagle Talon (aka Mitsubishi Eclipse) employs a wicked turbocharger to force more air into the combustion chambers. Without that forced induction, the engine is 7.8 to 1 compression. By using a turbo, the compression ratio increases.

Higher compression engines require higher octane gasoline to control the explosion more accurately. Therefore, on a stock 1991 Eagle Talon turbo, the manufacturer recommends minimum 91 octane gasoline.

That means I have to buy the most expensive gas, always.

300% more Zoom Zoom than a MazdaBut my Talon isn't stock. Not even close. One of the modifications I've done over the years is to replace the factory pistons with higher, 8.5 to 1 compression pistons. Using an online compression calculator, based on 17 psi of boost (which is what I run), I should be using 113 octane fuel. Well, since that's not readily available, I have to use Sunoco's 94 octane, which does me just fine.

I was paying 89 cents a litre for gas three years ago, before the price of oil started rocketing towards the moon. I'm used to it and I'm not complaining. Randy McDingus, you should get used to it too. And "Getting used to it'' does not mean becoming a criminal and driving away without paying.

Technology has made an incredible jump in the past 5 years. We have, by far, the most fuel efficient vehicles we've ever had. If you really can't stand paying $1.02 a litre, buy a Honda Insight and triple your mileage! It's almost like paying 33 cents a litre! Insight too small? Try Toyota Prius! Need an SUV? Lexus has the RX400h!

Don't take your vehicle for granted. It is a privilege to drive, not a right.


Blogger Rainypete said...

Yeah, but people in general are idiots. They'll complain about the high costs and drive 12 blocks to save a penny a litre. This will burn 2 litres of $1.02 fuel requiring 204 litres of the cheaper fuel to offest the loss.

They'll pat themselves on the back for a good job of sticking it to the man and then wonder why they're always broke and they air is so smoggy.


12:56:00 PM

Blogger Jayleigh said...

Frickin... I commented on the wrong post.

5:16:00 PM

Blogger stillfindingnemo said...

You confused me with all those numbers. I think I need a job closer to home.

8:52:00 AM

Blogger Martini said...

Did anyone read the story in the paper about the enormous amounts of gasoline thefts on the rise? And the violence? Angry patrons are now threating gas attendants with physical abuse.

12:16:00 PM

Blogger Martini said...

Just heard on the radio this morning that U.S. gas prices have hit an all-time high of approx. 82 cents a litre. So - it is quite a bit cheaper in the U.S. since we're paying an average of 97 cents for regular.

2:14:00 PM


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