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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

In Appreciation of Packaging

centre channel & surround speakers
Moving Day is over.

Although there were a number of unfortunate incidents, nobody was taken to the hospital (Krevin), so I would have to say Moving Day was a moderate success.

Friday morning we emptied the remaining house contents onto our awesome neighbour's front lawn. I guess we don't own very nice things, because passersby started helping themselves, assuming we were just tossing it all. Toni had to knock a few heads to protect my old Jeep grille. It's a chrome grille, so the blood and teeth wiped off easily.

We got the key just after lunch, and had the 1st U-Haul load in the house by 2:00. The truck was loaded up for a second time, then unloaded, then loaded a third time, and unloaded again. Like a demon-possessed, the U-Haul veered left and right despite any corrective steering action.

Anything that didn't fit in the truck went into six cars and an SUV which deserve an applause; Thank you Mazda 323. Thank you Eagle Talon. Thank you Acura Integra. Thanks very much Chevy Cavalier. Thank you Honda Civic. Thanks a bunch Mazda Protege. Thanks for your help Ford Explorer.

Total length of 3 trips: 5 kms.

As darkness settled and our friends said "adios suckers", Suz and I started unpacking boxes. I love boxes. Boxes protect. Boxes look good. Unpacking things from their original boxes feels like Christmas. I love sliding my speakers out of their thick corrugated tuxedos, encased in styrofoam shells, molded perfectly to their design. Once you've experienced the quality and beauty of a perfect box design that protects its contents without compromise, you'll see what I'm talking about.

Appreciate boxes and packaging. Go home and hug a box today.


Blogger Rainypete said...

Damn U-Bawls! Glad you made it alive despite their best efforts to thwart your move. You should have contacted me for the move. I could have protected your stuff wtih my paintball gun. Set me up like a WWII machine gun nest in a nice sturdy box and you've got protection that many a thug would fear.

I'd even take care not to hit your speakers or grille.

3:07:00 PM

Blogger ms. creek said...

hey, i magically unpacked our new Congas from their box today, ahhhh, ooooooooo, ooohhhhhhh, mmmmmm, yeah, I like it! last time we moved, we had 4 pickups with horse trailors LOADED plus my car full of plants. we travelled 300 miles, took us 8 hours. We looked like the Beverly Hill Billies! congrats on your move. got everything put away yet?

9:38:00 PM

Blogger Martini said...

I can totally imagine that caravan of trucks & trailers, with things sticking out this way and that. I would not want to try a huge move like that!

Yes, except for our dining room set which is being delivered tomorrow night, and a few little things, we're done!

10:55:00 AM


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