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Monday, August 22, 2005

Jimmy Dillnuts Strikes Again

How to ruin a trip to your proctologist

I have a knack for happening upon accidents while driving.

The last accident I photographed happened under the exact same circumstances: on my way home from grocery shopping, on a Sunday afternoon. Here's the scene I squeezed past yesterday on a major highway.

I think this accident must have happened less than 30 seconds before we saw it, as the vehicle occupants were just stepping out as we approached, and confronting each other as we passed. Broken glass and pieces of plastic crunched and popped under our tires as we rolled by.

From what Suz and I could hear in the brief moment it took us to drive past the scene, we ascertained this: Girl very upset. Jimmy very sorry.

I am really quite surprised at the minimal amount of damage done to the Buick Rendezvous and the Mazda3 involved in this accident, considering that the average speed on this section of highway is about 120 kph. What you can't see in the picture is the Mazda3 also had damage to the front bumper, similar to the rear bumper damage.

We watched two different cars pull onto the median just beyond the accident. I wonder what kind of good samartians were driving those cars. Would you stop on a busy highway to help? I didn't. I drove home, happy that we were not the ones on the side of the highway screaming at Jimmy.


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Blogger Rainypete said...

I've stopped in the past, but I ask if they need help before sticking around. People in accients get pretty irrational, so if you make a habit of helping out, carry pepper spray or a big stick.

9:08:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate rubber neckers. Stop and get out if you want a look, just don't hold up traffic!

If there's a stoppage on teh highway, I don't want to hear it is volume of traffic either. Thre better be cars on fire and carnage across the lanes for me to be help up!

Where are my blood pressure pills? I think my forehead just popped...

9:35:00 AM

Blogger Felicia said...

our '81 oldsmobile omega caught on fire once in our driveway. we're not sure, but it may have been hit by lightning (there was a thunderstorm going on at the time) or it may just have been some bad wiring.

anyway, we found out our car was on fire, when one of our neighbours rang the doorbell to tell us. he had his fire extinguisher in hand and was ready to help us battle the fire. however, we decided to call the fire station instead. there was a huge black cloud over our neighbourhood block because of our burning car, and we didn't think our neighbour could handle the burning car with his little extinguisher.

what amazed us while waiting for the volunteer fire fighters to arrive (they took their time) was that several people pulled into our driveway next to the burning car to tell us the car was on fire. we had to shoo them all away.

when the fire fighters did arrive they told us it was a good thing that we didn't try to fight the fire ourselves. if we had just opened one of the car doors, we would have ended up making the fire worse by feeding it more oxygen.

what was weird about the car being on fire is that, while it was burning, the lights came on and the windsheild wipeers. we thought the car was possessed. the fire fighters, however, told us that these were perfectly normal phenomena that happen when cars are burning and the wires are melting together....

6:54:00 PM

Blogger Martini said...

radical story!!!!! Felica, you rule.

2:20:00 PM


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