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Monday, March 26, 2007


Dump in the wasp, add 3 cans of water and stir. Waspalicious.

Everywhere we look there are indications that spring is fast approaching. Fat, puffy robins letting all their chub hang around their feet sit on soggy earth and watch for breakfast. Rain rolls off their backs, penetrates defrosted ground and gives birth to tulips. And wasps, too weak to fly, crawl across our kitchen floor threatening the tender bottoms of our early morning feet.

I barely missed stepping on this dangerous guy as I went to feed the hungry kitties. When I spotted him, I scooped him up in a green juice jug which we no longer use for juice.

The jug’s duty has shifted from holding liquids for human consumption, so if you’re visiting and you see me serving you a drink from this jug, I probably don’t like you.

During the summer we would occasionally find a wasp crawling in our house, but we were never able to determine where they were coming from. There’s no nest around our house, and we rarely see wasps or hornets in our yard, so I’m curious as to where they’re coming from.

I don’t know how this wasp got into our house and I’m glad the starving kitties didn’t try to eat him. But if they did, they’d probably just barf him up 3 minutes later. Barf, and barf-soaked socks. It’s a tradition around our house.

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Blogger patti_cake said...

Thanks for the warning about the Jug LOL You're so humane!

1:48:00 PM

Blogger Martini said...

Better than "I'm squishing up my baby bumble bee, won't my mommy be so proud of me" 'cause then you gotta clean up the mess!

3:46:00 PM

Blogger mmat said...

i'm always paranoid to try to squish a bee, mostly because you hear about bees that somehow signal to other bees to sting you when they get stomped, and i don't like getting stung.

9:56:00 PM

Blogger Chana said...

my friend i would send this to your email but i didn't know if bttflf@hotmail.com was really yours. so forgive my mushyness here.

i know you are having a hard time. you are not one to write of it often but i knew back when you shared the little bit back a few months. some times the better days are bountiful and sometimes as with life is, they become rarer. it seems for me, since october it has been one struggle after another. and from what you said in your comment you have started to have a harder time of it too. i got to tell you that many, many times in the last few wks i have given up. through the prayer of many and the fact that i have 5 kids to live for i have managed to get up and fight again. but it's getting hard. right now it's my bowels. the pain is beyond horrible and all that can take it is morphine. 4 trips to emergency in the last 2 wks and 9 days in hospital is more than i want to bear. at home i'm in 3 percacets every 4-6 hrs. an incredible amount and it barely touches the pain. to say i want to just cry and scream is an understatement but there are reasons to hang in there and fight. you too have so much. your beautiful and loving wife, your family who loves you and adores you and your so many friends that need and care for you. you know what i'm talking about...you and i have a rough go and yet we have to look beyond and into the future where we get the dull of another stretch of time where life is less painful and our health is stronger.
i'm not blogging much, sitting is hard. they think it might be, diverticulitis but then again, a wk ago they thought it was my left ovary. i am certain it is not my female parts but part of my bowels and such. you are not only still blogging but leaving wonderful comments in old friends places. your message to me touched my heart and reminded me of how much i have to look forward to when things get better. how i thank you for still caring. i wish you knew how much i miss you and Jody and his brother and all of you really. i miss reading your blogs and knowing what is going on and commenting in another great post. thank you for you all not giving up on me and not forgetting me.
pls know as soon as i can i will be back. i love blogging and my friends and their sites. i miss you all. and i am cheering for you and me friend. i know you and i are both so not quitters. but it is okay to say how hard the fight is and how hard the pain gets. pls know that if there is anything i can ever do or say it will be. God Bless and know i'm wishing you well. on we go another day for a chance of a better tomorrow. much love to you and your wife and your buddies..tell them how much i miss them and hugs to all. thank you again for coming to my site again. it did mean the world. hang in there, you and me, let's show them we can beat this too eh. anytime i'm here kid.

10:24:00 PM

Blogger MyUtopia said...

I saw a beautiful bluejay yesterday. It was awing.

4:17:00 PM

Blogger Martini said...

mmat - getting stung sucks the big one, that's for sure.

chana - thanks for your encouraging message. You can always email bttflf@hotmail.com or leave them here if you want. If anyone's a fighter, I can tell it is you.

myutopia - I agree. Jays are awesome. Their size, their colours, and their relative rarity.

11:12:00 AM


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