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Monday, March 19, 2007

St. Patty's Day 2007

Green with envy?

It's March 19, 2007.
With the second anniversary of John DeLorean's passing, I imagine things get a little easier for his family. I also wonder how the Irish feel.

Ireland is rather unique mostly because of its history. Around here you don’t have to look far to find at least one person who claims to love the land of Leprechauns, the birthplace of U2 and of the DeLorean DMC-12.

This St. Patty’s day, Suz and I went out for dinner with our friends Ottobot and K. We decided to go to the pub early as we knew it would be bursting at the seams come 8 p.m.

We made a mistake.

Six-thirty, with the sun shining, wasn’t nearly early enough. As we entered, we joined the groups of green-beer-craving University students who were already waiting for a place to drink.

As the table next to us departed, we took the opportunity to sneak in ahead of the others who waited deeper inside. When the waitress asked for our orders, I specifically asked if she could dye my gin & tonic green.

"Anything that’s clear." came the shout over the raucus. I gave her a big thumbs up and told her to totally go for it. A few minutes later the green dye was staining our stomach linings.

I never usually go out for St. Patrick’s Day, but this night I found myself remembering the little rubber Leprechaun accessory that the previous owner sent along with my DeLorean. "The Luck o’ the Irish" it stated.

Coincidentally, or not, the next day Suz got a call from someone at the DeLorean Owner’s Association asking if we’d be attending the Las Vegas event. The Red Rock Resort & Casino agreed to provide a special room rate of $229/night for Association members, which includes the hotel’s resort fee. Tickets to the event are $225 per member, and $325 for non-member and tickets are available at www.deloreanstore.com

The best part about it, by far, is the morning rallye across the Hoover Dam, where a professional will photograph the line of lucky drivers.

Unfortunately it’s going to be tough to get time off work to go, and it’s also a pretty expensive 3-day event. If we’re going to come up with the money before the end of March (the price jumps up April 1) I think we’re going to need the Luck o’ the Irish.

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Blogger SJ said...

If the Irish were so lucky why is their island so close to Britain. Heh heh.

4:58:00 PM

Blogger Mainman89 said...

If you hold a fund raiser, I'm sure a lot of people who read your blog(s) would love to help you get there man.

7:03:00 PM

Blogger patti_cake said...

I wish you could go, that would be too cool!

12:29:00 PM

Blogger Martini said...

A fund raiser? For the monetarily challenged? It could work! Then, I could gamble in Las Vegas, win back my expenses, and pay everyone back.

1:52:00 PM

Blogger Ms. Creek said...

you could stay here on your way! lol

umm, and i'm sure you know the luck of the irish is actually BAD luck...

i have red hair, look irish...act it, but i don't think i even wore green that day!

9:26:00 PM

Blogger Rainypete said...

Just tell them a leprechaun stole your wallet but you'd really like to do. Maybe they'll let you come for free just so they can have your car there.

7:40:00 AM

Blogger honkeie2 said...

You could always cum to the states and sell some sperm for some extra cash!

2:42:00 PM


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