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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

More Celebs At DCS 2006

Jeffrey Weissman: George McFly & Marty (McFly?)

How observant are you? Even if you look closely, you might not recognize the final celebrity I met at the 25th Anniversary of the DeLorean celebration in Chicago last week. With his adorable curls, I was totally surprised to learn that this was Jeffrey Weissman, who played Marty McFly's father, George McFly, in Back To The Future II and Back To The Future III.

George McFly, in the first Back To The Future movie, was played by Crispin Glover with his straight, greasified hair. This slick hairstyle was duplicated on top of Jeffrey Weissman's cranium in the sequels to avoid continuity flaws.

You might not have noticed the style of his hair so much in the second movie, as he spent pretty much all of it suspended upside down in some futuristic 2015 spinal therapy unit-type thingy, while Lorraine hydrated a pizza for dinner. In other scenes, recycled footage of Crispin Glover (who wasn't really given a chance to reprise his role) was used. He sued. He won.

Suz and I had a chance to talk to Jeff Weissman while we hung out next to Video Bob's BTTF booth. Mr. Weissman, dressed in an outstanding blue suit with matching pantaloons, told us of his grand adventures in Canada. When I asked him what he thought of Toronto, he gave the standard "it's a very clean city" response. A huge smile crossed his face when he told us how he was attending a game at the newly opened Skydome during the yes-that's-two-way-glass public sex incident. And as if his trips to Canada weren't interesting enough with that, he was also filming in Quebec back in the '90s when the snooty PQ were rallying and threatening to secede. We continued to talk for a very long time. It was enjoyable.

A few hours later, the final big event of DCS 2006 took place on stage. It was an auction of DeLorean and Back To The Future memorabilia, with none other than the comical Mr. Weissman performing the duties of head auctioneer. His hilarious antics and improv lit up the room and possibly helped bring in some extra cash for some slow-moving items.

Wonder what he's been up to? Was he really in an episode of Saved By The Bell?Check it out!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saved by the bell is my favorite tv show of all time. Screech is my idol.

2:40:00 PM

Blogger Chana said...

i wouldn't have ever recognize him..glad you got to meet so many wonderful actors..

hope you have many more opportunities in your years to come to fulfill all your wishes.

10:59:00 AM

Blogger Martini said...

Thanks Chana. I wish I could become a Vampire.

12:42:00 PM


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