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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Fuel Of The Future

Monthly car payments are cheaper than a full tank.

Gas prices have been fluxuating recently, but are generally on the rise. This Esso station was in the process of lowering its prices from 595.5 to 495.5 cents per litre.

Talk about gouging.

At $4.95 and a half cents per litre, it would cost you $247.75 to fill the 50 litre tank in your 2003 Cavalier. My old 1987 Jeep YJ, with its 75 litre tank, would take $371.62 worth of gas. And, at 16 mpg highway, that would only be good for a trip to Toronto and back.

Okay, so the sign was just a little bit wrong.

But imagine what it would cost to fill your car with anything else. Mustard? Ketchup? BBQ sauce? Olive Oil? Milk? Wine? Coffee? Melted ice cream? You're talking hundreds of dollars.

Considering these prices, we are lucky gas is so cheap. Bottled water from a vending machine is around $1 or $1.25 per 500 mL bottle. That's around $2 per litre. A 355 mL can of pop from the same machine is about $1, therefore filling your tank with Coke would cost about $3 per litre.

There are few things which cost less than gasoline. Maybe some cheap perfume? Maybe not. But urine is free. If only Japan could invent an engine that ran on #1. The world's gas stations would be replaced by massive bathrooms, with pee-hoses running out to your car.

Pulling over at the side of the road for an emergency pee break would look a whole lot different, too. And writing your name in the snow would be a terrible waste of fuel.

We can only hope, and dream. And when Mr. Fusion finally arrives, I'll be the first to slap it on my DeLorean.


Blogger Ham said...

Hey Martini - do you live in the Saug?

PS: The think tanks are way ahead of us, mapping out years ago how to best take advantage of the general public, how far they can exploit prices before a massive uprising occurs.

And then there are the conspiracy theorists, who are probably also funded my major corporate conglumorates (as you can see, I have a soft affinity for them), who release documentaries on the peaking of oil production and extraction (which, by the way, occured in the 70's in the US, which obviously explains the current master-manipulator-stance of the US) and the inevitable collapse of the economy. They're fueling purchasing when prices lower.

Who and what to believe?!?

Anyhoo, that gas station looks familiar. But they all do, so I'm just getting personal.

That, and you mentioned the old TO. I figure you live approximately close to my current home in greater toronto's arsehole.

2:26:00 PM

Blogger Martini said...

I'm in Hammytown, right by the Loony-versity. But I do take the occasional trip into T.O. or Mr. and Mrs. Auga.

It's hard to believe we've used up most of the earth's supply of oil in a measly 100 years. Why are people so afraid to adopt electric technology? Why aren't manufacturers being forced to develop it? Ooooh it makes me angry.

3:19:00 PM

Blogger Ham said...

B/C there will be an electricity shortage as well unless we poster the prairies with windmills.

Which we really should.

We need to be looking to Europe for innovative ideas on energy conservation, efficiency and use.

But since we're currently the 53rd state under Mr. Harper, don't count on that happening in the near future. I'm sure we'll soon be smothered with army recruitment slogans and fear-inducing phenomena.

4:38:00 PM

Blogger redheaded said...

okay, time for more math conversions.....

canadian dollars to american dollars.....
litres to gallons....

we averaged about $2.50 a gallon on our trip. tell me how it all comes out. i'm on spring break, i don't have to use my brain.

11:17:00 PM

Blogger Princess Lo said...

ha ha urine! that would be funny. i have this mental pic in my head now of people "refueling" on the side of the road

Hope you had a great Easter weekend

9:27:00 AM

Blogger Martini said...

Okay Ellie, I think my cousins in Michigan told me once that 16 gallons is an average sized fuel tank. True?
$2.50/gal = $40 for a full tank in a small car. For us, with a 50 litre tank, we are spending about $50 to fill it with 87 octane.

11:19:00 AM

Blogger redheaded said...

how does the american dollar compare to the canadian dollar? we use midgrade, which is 89 octane, i believe.

1:09:00 PM


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