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Thursday, April 13, 2006

DeLorean Debut


The DeLorean has made its 2006 debut. The weekend was all about preparing my cars for spring, with various activities taking place to ensure maximum enjoyment from them.

I had some battery-charging action going on in the DeLorean, which is a monstrous hassle. The battery is located behind the passenger seat in a small compartment under a wooden shelf, sealed by a thick plastic door, which is then covered with a flap of interior carpet. Under the carpet, three screws which hold the door in place must be removed. It's a tough job, but the hard work is worth it because the rewards are totally great.

After the battery came the tires. Inflation Station was put to the test as I filled the front left tire with 32 psi of fresh spring air.

The front wheels are 14'' while the rears are 15''.When everything was ready, I prepared for awesomeness.

I fired the beastly D up and watched as the exhaust spewed brown shit all over my bike, my hydraulic jack, and other bits of garage paraphernalia. The air filled with the scent of gasoline.

The engine rumbled as I slowly pulled out onto the driveway. Birds scattered into the air from their tree and rooftop perches. Children's street hockey games paused while they listened in fear. Elderly neighbours closed their blinds and turned off their hearing aids.

But once the sleeping beast woke from its winter slumber, it became less and less cranky. As I drove down the street, people pointed and smiled. The D wasn't so scary any more.

And so, with hibernation ended, I took it for a fairly long drive. It felt good to be behind the wheel again, and I will take it for another drive this weekend.

So have a happy Easter everyone! I know I will.



Blogger redheaded said...

okay, i have a question. if you guys use the metric system, why do you use psi (pounds per square inch, right?) do you have to get out your trusty conversion calculators and figure kilograms per square cm?

3:45:00 PM

Blogger Martini said...

That is an excellent question. The changeover to metric was tough. We get the weather in both C and F. We measure ourselves in meters & cm as well as feet & inches. We weigh ourselves with kgs and lbs. It's weird.

5:27:00 PM

Blogger Martini said...

Ellie - I prefer the U.S. way, especially when it comes to measuring turbo boost. Nobody understands 1.2 bar (1.2 atmospheres), but everybody knows that 17 or 18 psi is high.

5:31:00 PM

Blogger Princess Lo said...

Congrats on getting Big D ready!! I am sure you will have a great Easter weekend!

this reminded me of my summer car, but i recked it 2 years ago next month :( I had an 88 porsche 944 and it was my baby.

9:53:00 AM

Blogger Ham said...

I'm going to be singing Huey Lewis & the News all day.

2:47:00 PM

Blogger Aims said...

I did some decorating but hey I still got 2 days left to enjoy! Happy Easter!

1:32:00 PM

Blogger Karen said...

Aw, I wanna go for a ride in the beastly D! Something about the gull-wing doors seems to fascinate me.

Hope your Easter driving was lots of fun - the weather was certainly perfect for it!

7:53:00 PM

Blogger ms. creek said...

hey! where are you? did the easter bunny hide you and suz too? yikes!

11:03:00 PM


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