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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Old Fart's Fort

Rum? Gin? No, these old guys prefer Gin Rummy

During vacation time, one's mind starts to forget the troubles of everyday living. We don't have to think about electricity bills, washing our clothes, or making dinner.

As our worries slip away, so do our inhibitions.

Okay, maybe that's the unlimited alcohol. Either way, our minds turn to mush as we soak up the sun.

In a way, we all become kids again, with the resort employees as our parents. But they're nicer than our parents. They make lots of hot dogs for us, and never force us to finish our brussel sprouts before we're allowed to have some kickass pineapple for dessert.

For most of us on a resort, we'll never see the people around us again. So we don't care what they think.

Geezers never care what others think. Their time is running out, so they do as they please while they've still got the chance.

And if they want to build a fort on the beach out of lounge chairs, so be it.


Blogger ms. creek said...

so, does this mean you got to jump on the bed, slide down the stairs, change the chimes on the doorbell and eat all the chocolate chips out of the cupboard?

9:10:00 AM

Blogger Martini said...

In my sugar-rush high, I can't really remember what I did. Now I've got a chocolate chip hangover...

12:16:00 PM


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