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Friday, November 25, 2005

Is Russ Powers Doing His Job?

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThis is Russ Powers. He is my Member of Parliament.

Back in October I read an article in the newspaper about electric cars that really milked my goat. For the first time in my life, I wrote to my trusted MP:

Mr. Powers,
My name is Martini, and my wife and I live in the beautiful community you represent. We are both proactive environmentally, and as such, are extremely offended and angered by the recent meeting between Canada's automakers and Parliament Hill.

Canada's automakers falsly claimed that we do not want environmentally friendly vehicles. Specifically, Joe Hinrichs, president of Ford Canada, made the unbelieveably insulting statement, "Consumers don't want to be forced into buying vehicles that don't suit their needs." The fact is, these automakers are currently forcing us to buy vehicles that don't suit our needs. Canadian automakers, and especially Ford, do NOT represent us. The fact is we DO want environmentally friendly vehicles, but we are being forced to purchase gasoline- and diesel-powered cars because they are the only options. Hybrid vehicles are a waste of technology and money, as they still require gasoline in order to operate. We are not being fooled by this pseudo-solution to our environmental problem. My wife and I were ready to buy an electric or hydrogen powered car 3 years ago, but since none were available, we were forced to purchase a gasoline powered vehicle. Even if we wanted a Honda Insight, waiting lists are absurdly long.

We want and need proper representation! We are not the only ones who feel this way. We are still waiting anxiously for these cars to hit the market. Believe us when we tell you we want these vehicles, and we are in full support of the taxation of less efficient vehicles and rebates on the most fuel efficient ones.

Thank you for your attention and time,
(my email address)
(my phone number)

Here is the reply I recieved:


That's right. Nothing. Seven weeks. Nothing.

The worst part is that I know Russ got my email. How do I know? Because he started mailing campaign promotions and brochures to me. I don't recall asking for these things. I asked for proper representation.

Here's the real kick in the teeth. His web page doesn't work, but his 'member listing' says this:
Russ Powers - As a Member of Parliament, Russ' priority is to represent the people of this Riding and to be a strong and effective leader on the issues that are important to his constituents.

Seems to me that his priority is ignoring his constituents. But really, I don't know what makes me more upset; the fact that my own MP is ignoring me, or that the Ford Motor Company says I don't want an electric car. I don't remember telling them that.


Blogger Rainypete said...

You are looking to a politician for help?!?! Were you trapped in the garage with your Delorean running or something? I'm afrain Russ and the gang don't care about a cause until everyone is screaming about it. Once they hear the screams they'll form a sub-committe to review the source of the screams who will present a report on the screams to parliament. Just before the findings are read out though someone will uncover dastardly spending by the committee members where expensive dinners and fancy hotels were used. The whole thing will get whipped intoa corruption frenzy and the issue we were screaming about becomes lost in the crys for the heads of those that wasted our precious tax dollars. You wanna reduce global warming? Tape parliament's collective mouths shut. That'll reduce hot gas emissions.

12:39:00 PM

Blogger Martini said...

You said it brother!!

4:28:00 PM

Blogger Laura Brown said...

It was a good letter.

I doubt alternative fuel cars will ever get far. The moguls who own the gas don't like them. The above moguls own the gas, the gas-bearing cars and the cigarette companies and chunks of the rights to the electronics, steel and other components which make the alternative fuel cars and their fuel. They also support the politicians, who say "Yes Sir!" with a big smile when they get an email from them. I don't think the moguls are waiting seven weeks for a reply, maybe seven minutes on an off day.

In short, gas does make pretty coloured pictures when it rains. Think positive. :)

4:16:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

rainypete likens Russ Powers to other politicians but other politicians become cabinet ministers or do constituency work. Russ seems to have done nothing. We may as well not have an MP.

If you're interested in electic cars vote for the Green Party. They won't win anything but each vote gets them $1.75 a year in federal funding.

11:34:00 PM

Blogger Ellie Creek Ellis said...

well, i know some folks south of your border are pushing bio-diesel fuel that may take $$ to convert your engine, but be much better off for your wallet and our environment in the long run. they can use converted oils, like the stuff mcdonalds throws out when they clean their fryers, and such. i know, we need a new source of energy that won't drain our earth's natural resources and ruin precious habitat, contribute to global warming, etc, so smart people like you should be coming up with such inventions/discoveries!

on a brighter note for you........
at least you don't have a stupid idiot for your prez. that can't even hardly formulate proper sentences much less even admit there is a need to help anyone besides his rich buddies. at least your country isn't ran by a redneck bully that was illegally elected, dodged the draft, has started a war on false pretenses, caused many many people in this world to die including innocent Iraqi people, and won't even acknowledge global warming exists. count your lucky stars!
but i would be mad about not hearing back from this member of parliment. i think i would continue writing to him, asking him if he received your letter and make sure you put return notification on each one. the squeaky wheel might get some oil....oh wait, well, the squeaky wheel might get a car that doesn't use oil!

11:53:00 PM

Blogger Martini said...

Laura - also, gas smells really good! Mmmm!

Unrepresented - Because the money factor was added to the voting, my wife and I both voted for the Green party last time! It's too bad people are afraid of change.

Ms. Ellie - Yes, I've read about those 'greasecars'. They are awesome! But the filter kits are not 100% proven for most people to invest $1200 in it. Too bad. It's a totally kickass technology. P.S. You are the coolest. You say what everyone else is afraid to say about that Prez you've got. What a Bushhole.

10:24:00 AM

Blogger Ellie Creek Ellis said...

i heard Daryl Hannah talk about it on NPR. I think she had her engine converted, she drives a 1973 El Camino and gets 79 mpg!

i speak mildly about the prez. compared to my husband, perhaps i'll get him to write sometime.....(cover your ears, little kids!)

9:57:00 PM


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