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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter, Mother Earth

Dastardly gremlins can sneak into any house easily. Block all outlets with 'Gremlin-B-Gone'TM insulator plates.

To everyone who celebrates it, Happy Easter. To those who don't, eat it.

One of the recommendations made in our ecoENERGY home energy audit was to increase the air tightness of our house by 23% to achieve an air change rate of 9.5 at a pressure of 50 Pa. If I succeed, power beyond my wildest dreams will be mine, as well as $300 from the government.

I started this process a while back but never got around to finishing. Partially because I'm lazy, and partially because I'm a man. Okay, so those kinda mean the same thing. Anyway, I popped off the remainder of the dining room trim and caulked the giant gap behind it.

Our auditor, a jolly chap who drove a Z28, also mentioned fitting insulation gaskets behind our outlet plates. They were cheap (about $4 for 10), so I decided all the exterior wall outlets would benefit from them. Anything helps, and I'm hoping to pass the next evaluation well enough to receive my government grants in full.

After a chocolatey Sunday brunch consisting of delicious, nutritious eggs (of the Cadbury variety), Suz and myself (full of vitamins and Tramacet) headed a few streets to the left to wander the conservation trails.

This fat dog didn't have a chance. Good thing his owners feed him. Maybe a little to much.It has been years since I've walked a trail. But the weather was nice, and I was really wanting to go. With the sun blasting, we made our way down the trail to the mucky mess of leaves and logs at the bottom.

Flowers were poking through the mud everywhere and squirrels, full of nuts and lust, chased each other along barren branches.

Back at the top of the trail, a chubby dog ran in front of us. We didn't know why at first. But then Suz saw the deer. Three of them at first, then a fourth. As the dog edged closer, the deer turned and high-tailed it back into the ravine.

It was a very good weekend full of chocolate, energy savings and mother nature.

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Blogger Sridhar said...

This was a weekend of philosophy, scandal and sex - i.e; I saw a Woody Allen film.

2:07:00 AM

Blogger Monogram Queen said...

Sounds like it! I wish our govt. would give us grants such as yours. Of course our government... oh never mind. Who wants to hear a political rant after talking about the goodness that is Chocolate?!

1:29:00 PM

Blogger Becky said...

I always make sure to stock up on the cadbury eggs to last me until next easter season. Happy Easter to you!

5:02:00 PM

Blogger Ms. Creek said...

i don't celebrate it, but i had a great day!

and good idea on the energy saving tricks!

mmmmm malt balls!

11:22:00 PM


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