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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Halloween Panic in April

A package from Fright Catalog really gets your butchered, disemboweled heart racing!

It's amazing how one package, a simple brown box, can cause emotional extremes between different people. One extreme contains the child-like emotions of the person who wanted the contents, who giddily looked forward to the day it arrived, and who couldn't wipe that stupid grin off his stupid face until the next stupid day. The other extreme is, well, Suz.

Fright Catalog, selling Halloween wares online longer than almost any other site, is a Halloweener's dream. Thousands of Halloween items fill their web pages selling from a buck, up to about 30 grand. Their one and only downfall is their high prices, which can be combatted by purchasing during the off-season.

Like April for example.

During the off-season there are promotions a-plenty, such as the 50% invite I received a little while ago. Immediately I began scouring the familiar pages for severed heads and the like.

Unfortunately, blood-soaked items which were not in stock could not be purchased at the super awesome low prices. But I was still able to find some deliciously creeptacular elements with which to spice up the house in October.

Mere days after I placed my order, Mr. DHL showed up with my big brown box resulting in my stupid stubborn smile; a happiness rivalled only by single-digitly aged children at 7 a.m. on December 25th. In order to compare my freaky new toys to my older freaky toys, I spent the night unpacking my 4x5 ft. Halloween closet, an event that takes hours to complete.

And that spectacularly messy "event" is exactly what causes the extreme on the other end of the emotional spectrum, namely, Suz's panic attack.



Blogger SJ said...

Must be difficult living with you.
j/k :) :)

1:07:00 AM

Blogger Akhor said...

I hear you about buying Halloween Costumes and such off season.

I did the same thing last year by purchasing a Venom costume during the off season. When it arrived I was soo full of excitement that I was wearing it around the house for fun for a couple of days! I also found various other reasons to sport until Halloween arrive.. Like getting drunk.

11:58:00 AM

Blogger Patti said...

I'd be right there with you! Hey tell Suz you bought it on sale at least!

1:13:00 PM

Blogger Martini said...

Running around in a Venom costume when Halloween is 6 months away? Sick. Just sick. Even I'm not that crazy. Somebody needs therapy. HA, just kidding. You know I'd be dressed up right there with you!

10:49:00 PM

Blogger Katie said...

I love sales & when the goodies are delivered!

11:04:00 PM

Blogger Martini said...

Glad to see you're still dropping by Katie!

3:24:00 PM

Blogger Ms. Creek said...

i think you need to attend halloweenic-anonymous meetings!

8:30:00 AM

Blogger The T-Dude said...

My whole family loves Halloween.

This year, my seven-year-old has informed us that she wants to get a fancy dress, a gold statuette and a long strip of red carpet and go as an actress on Oscar night. The kicker? She wants her mother and myself to dress as paparazzi and flash flash bulbs as the people open their doors.

Last year the whole family dressed as the Ghostbusters and a friend drove down the street with us blaring the Ghostbusters theme song out of her car windows.

11:40:00 AM


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