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Thursday, December 07, 2006


In-store spy photos require stealth... and friendship with a manager.

Today my boss is taking me, along with the rest of my co-workers, out for a Christmas lunch. It's something we haven't done around here in many years so I'm looking forward to it.

Thinking about this upcoming lunch, I suddenly remembered a picture I took inside a grocery store a few weeks ago of something interesting. A can of "Nutrament".

There's a reason I think this product is so funny. Because it uses a made-up word, one that I thought I invented years ago to try and fool people. Fool them how? Well, to trick them into thinking what I was eating was nutritious.

I revived the word one Easter while eating some Cadbury's Creme Eggs. Suz was getting upset at me because I was working on my fifteenth egg in as many minutes - for breakfast.

"Of course I'm eating eggs for breakfast," I told her. "They're delicious AND nutritious." She only agreed with the first half of that statement. So, using the ol' Homer-type "deer/beer" answer I told her it was full of nutraments, you know, instead of nutrients.

Suz: "Did you just say 'nutraments'?"

Me: "Bub!"

Laughter ensued and I've since progressed the usage of the word to cover many other non-nutritious things.

The well-designed can claims that Nutrament is a nutritionally complete beverage containing carbohydrate, high quality protein (as opposed to that low-quality squirrel-meat stuff), vitamins and minerals. They also claim that Nutrament can be consumed at any time, and that it is refreshing. Neat.

However, I don't think many people agree with that, considering I had to wipe a half inch of dust off the can before I could photograph it.

I just couldn't resist a photo-op, when I saw this can of Vanilla 'Nutrament'. I figured these guys had done the same thing as me, with their lame attempt at fooling people into thinking their drink was nutritious. The elderly, with raging glaucoma, just might fall for it.


Blogger Aims said...

Oh yay Nutrament, that is going on my shopping list, it sounds great!!!

2:14:00 PM

Blogger Martini said...

You liar!

6:37:00 PM

Blogger patti_cake said...

Hey Nutrament sounds official enough for me!

8:35:00 PM

Blogger mmat said...

i once fooled myself into thinking it would be a good idea to buy one of those drinks, but it wasn't a good idea. it was more of a bad idea. nutrament-type products and other health-drincks generally taste like floor.

8:38:00 AM

Blogger Martini said...

Mmmmm. Floor pie.

11:44:00 AM

Blogger Rainypete said...

I would only buy such a beverage if it came in steak flavour and contained real steak......and baked potato with sour cream........and veggies. That's a complete beverage right there.

12:51:00 PM

Blogger honkeie2 said...

as far as health drinks go it doesnt taste half bad. But this is cumming from someone who can suck down protien shakes made with water and mixed with a fork

8:36:00 AM

Blogger mdfrancis said...

Nutrament is a great tasting drink that is actually nutritous. It's most popular in the islands and so it's usually only available in Asian and west Indian stores which is why it's probably gathering dust wherever YOU saw it.

9:00:00 PM

Blogger Martini said...

Hey! That actually makes sense. Thanks for the info. I saw it in Canada, so that would explain why it wasn't so popular.

5:44:00 PM

Blogger The Awkward Truth said...

lol, your story was funny. I actually LOVE Nutrament. I am the type of person that doesn't get enough calories in a day due to the fact that I hardly ever eat breakfast and Nutrament gives me a quick grab and go option for some sustenance. Plus the chocolate and vanilla flavors taste delicious. (The strawberry is horrible, I had it once...never again).

7:55:00 AM


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