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Friday, July 18, 2008

Air Is Neat

Plastic. It does an air intake system good.

The DeLorean is cool - and in more ways than one. Forget the stainless steel body, which makes the car better-suited for flux dispersal. Forget the alternate-1985-Biff-head-cracking gullwing doors. The DeLorean, essentially, has a cold air intake.

Cold air intakes are designed to pull cool, outside air into a vehicle's engine instead of using the hot air surrounding the engine. Why is that good? Science! Cool air is more dense, and therefore contains more oxygen, which results in more power when ignited.

The DeLorean pulls its air from the passenger side quarter panel at the rear of the car. The cool outside air then passes through an intake hose, through the filter, and into the engine where it mixes with fuel and explodes.

Explosions - it's no wonder guys like cars.

Ignore Red Green when it comes to cars. Duct tape doesn't work.But I've been having trouble making explosions in my DeLorean this year. For six weeks I was unable to start the D, and I couldn't figure out why. Turns out it was this piece of crap's fault. The intake hose, which had been taken off and put back on more times than Oprah's chub, was split and dented so badly, air couldn't pass through it.

I logically worked through the process discovering that a) I was getting spark and b) I was getting fuel. So what was left? C! I mean, air. With a new air intake hose in place, life-giving oxygen rushed into the combustion chambers and exploded harmoniously. The D started instantly.

All of this leads me to conclude that I like air. Two Martini-thumbs up for air, and two Martini-thumbs down to pieces of crap.

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Blogger mmat said...

so what you're telling us is that duct tape DIDN'T work?? Red Green was lying to us all this time???

9:16:00 AM

Blogger Ms. Creek said...

yeah! i want to know, too!

6:16:00 PM

Blogger Becky said...

If something goes wrong with one of my cars, I wouldn't know where to even look! Luckily I've got new cars that literally have a light that goes on if the tire pressure is low in one of my tires. Thank goodness for all the bells and whistles which enable us.

9:38:00 PM

Blogger SJ said...

I love air too... in fact I wouldn't think of living without it :D

2:11:00 AM

Blogger honkeie2 said...

All any man really needs is gas and spark to have a good time, aka lighting farts!

8:03:00 AM

Blogger ZoeyBella said...

Very cool indeed! ;)

1:24:00 PM

Blogger The T-Dude said...

That reminds me of an old boss of mine. When I was slinging drinks to pay my way through college, a bar owner I worked for was a bit on the gruff side. Aren't they all? Anyway. You'd walk into the bar and say "Hey Jim, How you doing?" His response ninety percent of the time?

"Still sucking air."

11:03:00 PM

Blogger Velvet Ginger said...

Omg....I am not sure I have seen a hose "that suck together" before on an asctual running vehichle! Glad you got it fixed.
I signed the petition.....when do we find out about the shoes? lol

6:31:00 PM

Blogger Velvet Ginger said...

Just checkin' in....you haven't been around for awhile...can't believe I was the last one to comment lol.

4:32:00 PM

Blogger Michael Manning said...

Hey Martini: A very good point, as I believe you can purchase reinforced duct at a reasonable price that will not collapse! But glad to hear the DMC 12 is running. It is really a beautiful car!!!!!!

8:56:00 PM


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