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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

We Bought Too Much Candy

Sorry kids. No eyes of Newt in here.

Trick-or-Treaters who were lucky enough to stray off course and wander down our quiet street were in for a nice surprise last night. Upon ringing our bell they were greeted with massive fist-fuls of glorious candy of all sorts.

Suz and I couldn't find our treat bags this year, and started wondering how to hand out the candy. We decided that we'd dump all of the Nestle chocolate bars, Cadbury chocolate bars, Gummy Body Parts, Rockets, Candy Necklaces, Candy Coins, Pumpkin Faces bubble gum, Chiclets, Terror Eyes gumballs and Boneheads candy skulls into our plastic witch's cauldron.

Curious, I waddled upstairs with my arms wrapped around the behemoth. I placed it on the white Ikea bathroom scale. I watched it teeter between 12 and 13 lbs.

>Last year we had around 45 kids come to our door. We were hoping for more this year, especially after we saw how much candy we really had. If we got 45 kids again, and we had 12 lbs. of candy, that would've translated to over a quarter pound of candy for every little goblin.

A quarter pound? That's a hell of a lot of candy from one house. Wait. That's a hell of a lot of candy, plain and simple. It's like a Wendy's 1/4 Pounder burger. Before cooking it.

More than twice I dumped handfuls of candy into little canvas bags, instantly doubling their weight.

By the end of Halloween night we only had 35-ish kids come to our door. And most of them were four years old or thereabouts. I don't know what a four-year-old Unicorn is going to do with sixteen pounds of candy, but that's the kind of haul I dreamed about when I was tiny little.

As for the older kids, it was great to hear them "Whoa" each time I reached into the bottomless candy cauldron. But there are some people who don't appreciate our misjudging of candy purchasing. Dentists have been sending me hate mail for 12 hours now.


Blogger honkeie2 said...

I almost ran out of candy this year haha. But it was a big relief to see all the kids in costume this year. We even had the bigger kids this year. You are never too old to trick or treat....but you need teeth so that might hinder some of the older ppl. I might get some boxed prunes for the old ppl and the jackasses without costumes next year lol.
and oh yeah,......me first to comment !

1:11:00 PM

Blogger Martini said...

I have to agree with you 100%. Nobody is too old for Trick-or-treating! Everyone should be allowed to have fun this time of year, but preferrably wearing costumes.

1:55:00 PM

Blogger Rainypete said...

Lucky you. I think we got something like 10 kids at our house. Luckily for me and my scare-gene I made it up to Franks house where we managed to terrify 75 kids and their respective dentists.

7:16:00 PM

Blogger SJ said...

I should have trick-or-treat-ed you, a quarter pound of candy sound good.

2:04:00 AM

Blogger Vengelyne said...

Lol. You guys are so generous. I think I would've made a few trips to your house just to take advantage of your generosity.

You know the dentists should be sending you thank you notes instead. Cavities are bound to increase no thanks to you and Suz, which translates to more dental visits = more money for them! Tsk... tsk...

7:41:00 AM

Blogger VicZan said...

I posted some pictures on my blog now.

8:21:00 AM

Blogger patti_cake said...

Oh I would definitely trick or treat at your house if I could :)

10:52:00 AM

Blogger Martini said...

Oooooh, let's all check out Viczan's blog for more pictures of party mayhem! Yay!

1:33:00 PM

Blogger Tony Myles said...

I totally dig surprising kids with the big bunches of candy.

12:03:00 AM

Blogger Rowan said...

is that your wife man? you are really lucky, she's gorgeous.

12:07:00 PM


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