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Friday, October 13, 2006

Autumn Is Better

A tractor giving birth in its natural environment.

I think we're lucky to live in Canada. In Canada we have four seasons. When everyone has had enough of snowboarding and depressing skies, there's spring to look forward to.

But when muddy, soggy ground and jacket-weather starts getting on our nerves, we've got the sizzling summer sun to look forward to. And just when we start to get bored of the never-changing green summer landscape, autum arrives in full colour, and Dolby Surround where available.

Think it would be nicer to live near the equator? Compared to some tropical island, we are very lucky to live in four-seasons-Canada. Sure they've got sandy beaches and lover-ly palm trees on those gorgeous islands. Sure they've got hot heat and cool breezes and fancy drinks. Yes, summer's nice, but once it's over I don't think they're looking forward to monsoon season.

Four seasons are definitely nice. And Autumn is my favourite of all of them. Partially because the trees slap your eyeballs with colour, partially because of Hallowe'en, and partially because autumn is the opposite of prison.

In prison everything is colourless, even in the fall. In prison you must endure the smell of B.O. and piss instead of the crisp country air. In prison you can pick a fight, but you can't pick fresh apples. In prison you can carve up Jimmy Cardoni, but you can't carve a pumpkin.

Or maybe you can. Jail has changed a lot since I saw it portrayed incorrectly in movies. However, I still like autumn better.


Blogger Louisiana said...

lol..i never thought of autumn and prison in the same sentence but yes, you are right..they are completely opposite ;)

i too appreciate 4 seasons..for the first 16 yrs of my life all i knew was hot and sticky and yes coming to Canada open my eyes to appreciating hot and sticky but also the fact that nature has so much more to offer and offer she does and so well.

i love autumn for the colors and the crips air and the wood burning smell (love it) but i'm not that into Halloween as much as you for sure. for me, it's good and fun to see the kids get all dress and have fun and of course the free chocolate and gum is just awesome, ;p, but i never did get to go to the parties and stuff others did so i'm not all that crazy about it..and of coure there is that part of me being an incredible chicken...

have a good one.

2:51:00 PM

Blogger Unknown said...

and in prison you can't bend down to pick up apples or anything else :)

1:44:00 AM

Blogger Monogram Queen said...

Uh yeah I would DEFINITELY pick Autumn over Prison!
As much as I heart the beach I would never want to live in a tropical climate. In fact I could do for a little less summer here in South Carolina.

9:58:00 AM

Blogger Rainypete said...

I would think the same weather all year round would be just like prison. Probably why my Dad came here in the first place. Over in England you have your choice of gray, rainy or gray and rainy.

10:38:00 AM

Blogger Martini said...

Gray? Sounds like prison. So your dad's a jailbird then?

12:18:00 PM


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