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Monday, October 20, 2008

Birthday Whoa's

Warning: DeLorean in the sunset can cause blindness.

After a rotten run of luck, my finiky DeLorean (which requires ridiculous amounts of pampering) treated me to a nice birthday surprise when I took it for a birthday spin the other day.

I was feeling pretty down when my 10-year old baby bushy nose pleco flipped a kidney on my birthday, instantly cutting my pleco collection in half. To one. A few short hours later I was slicing my fingers to ribbons with an x-acto knife. And maybe I can attribute that to my unstable condition, or maybe just a severe sugar low as I starve myself of candy before the launch of the Halloween Candy Oscars, but either way it was a crummy weekend that left me feeling down.

With the sun setting I hopped in the DeLorean and crossed my bloody, shredded fingers. The D started instantly and I rolled out into the road for the first time in months. I giddily (and nerdily) pumped my bleeding fist, sending a mist of red into the air.

As with all my little joyrides, I ended up at the conservation area at the end of my street, the same place I took photos last year. Feeling woozy from the blood loss, I pulled around the back to a desolate roadway.

Camera in hand I launched the door skyward and hopped out. Sun glinted off the body, oftentimes blinding me as I snapped a couple of pictures. A few onlookers gawked for a few seconds and it crossed my mind that perhaps it wasn't the DeLorean they were looking at but the blood gushing from my left hand.

A small group of hikers stopped and stared for a minute, and a faint "whoa" drifted across the grass. Like the sun, it was a nice distraction while it lasted. As dusk set it I drove home, jabbing the accelerator between shifts. I've always defended the 130 hp Peugeot Renault Volvo engine and again I was surprised at the amount of power underfoot.

Back at home, with skulls, cauldrons and severed heads in every room, reality set in and I bid my poor baby bushy nose pleco farewell.

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Blogger SJ said...

The hikers caught you red handed!!!

1:27:00 AM

Blogger mmat said...

happy birthday eh! i don't think there's a better way to celebrate a birthday than with a blood soaked tour in the delorean.

10:55:00 AM

Blogger Martini said...

so much blood.... so appropriate for the season.

11:21:00 AM

Blogger Monogram Queen said...

So sorry about the fishy-loss!
Cool that the Delorean boosted your spirits a bit and blood.... all so halloween-y!
I anxiously await the Candy Oscars!

12:18:00 PM

Blogger Velvet Ginger said...

I am really sorry about you losing your bushy nose pleco, so sad. You gave that Delorean a run for the money though didn't you! Maybe you should stop playing with knives?????
You should come check out more of my Halloween cartoons!
(Ellie wants to know what you thought of that icky halloween email I sent you?)

3:40:00 PM

Blogger Ms. Creek said...

lol you want to know too, vel!

10:03:00 PM

Blogger The Lone Beader said...

Happy belated birthday! Cool DeLorean! Also, thanks for stoppin by my blog! Cheers from Boston! :D

11:03:00 AM


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