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Friday, March 24, 2006

Going To Court!

Suz fakes a smile for the camera.

Jimmy Dillnuts, arch-enemy of law-abiding drivers everywhere, has been charged! And Suz has to go to court in April, as a material witness to his devastating driving habits which left three vehicles crumpled, broken and smashed, and a young girl with a broken collarbone.

Oh happy day!

Suz will make a statement, describing the destruction caused by Jimmy's careless driving. I'd like to call it wreckless driving, but that's not what he was charged with.

The police have charged Jimmy Dillnuts with Careless Driving and Failure To Surrender Licence.

Failure to Surrender Licence means that either Jimmy didn't have it on him, or he actually refused to hand it over to the officer requesting it. Jimmy claims that the light was yellow, and that all of the pedestrians and vehicles in the intersection should not have been there.

Her true reaction to the summons.Suz, stopped at the red light that Jimmy ran, estimated his velocity at double the posted limit of 50 kph. But he claims he wasn't speeding. His screeching tires, and the annihiliation of the three vehicles say otherwise.

Sorry Jim, your story has more holes than swiss cheese.

If I were a police officer, I would have charged Jimmy with Jackass Driving, and Being Stupid and Ugly. Then I would track down the idiot who passed him on his driving test and charge him with Taking Bribes, because there's no possible way someone on the straight and narrow would issue a driver's licence to an idiot like Mr. Dillnuts.

In all seriousness though, people who are convicted of traffic offenses should have their licences suspended. I am a strong believer that some people will never learn, and, depending on the seriousness of the accident, I think there are people who don't deserve a second chance.

Especially liars.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The light WAS yellow. I'm innocent.

3:24:00 PM

Blogger redheaded said...

so......jimmy IS a relative of yours?

6:17:00 PM

Blogger Martini said...

No, thank goodness! I'd die of embarrassment.

12:14:00 PM


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