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Friday, October 21, 2005

Tingles, Where Are You?

Actual letter to Cadbury not exactly as shown. Please see blog for details.

All this talk of Halloween candy has really got me in a proactive mood.

In my excitement, I searched for my favourite candy of all time: Allan's Tingles. After I couldn't find their website, I discovered that Cadbury had taken them over. In the hopes that it would be forwarded to the Trebor/Allan division, I decided to write a letter to Cadbury:

October 14th
For years my friends and I have been struggling to find Allan "Tingles" candy, the best candy ever made in the history of candy! Even though the Allan candy factory is located only a few blocks from my house, I haven't been able to find Tingles in the stores.
From research I've done, I found that Cadbury owns Trebor Allan. Although Tingles have not been available in my area of Ontario for about 8 years, I have found a website here, which indicates that Tingles in fact, were still being produced as of the year 2000. Can you please provide me with information of how and where I can purchase Tingles?
thank you very much,


Last night I shed a tear as I read the reply:

Dear Mr. Martini:

Thank you for contacting us concerning the availability of Trebor Allan Tingles.
Unfortunately, we no longer produce this product. Sales studies indicated that there was insufficient consumer demand for the product; therefore, production was discontinued.
Although we are no longer making a product you once enjoyed, your interest is truly appreciated. Your comments will be shared with the appropriate staff members so they are made aware of your inquiry.
We hope you continue to purchase and enjoy our other brands.

Consumer Relations


Despite Sarah's forwarding skills, and the anonymous writer's pleasant nature, I could not help but be overwhelmed by this devastating news. Tingles slipped out of the consumer world without so much as a goodbye.

I sincerely hope that one day Cadbury/Trebor Allan either creates another fantastic candy that can fill Tingles' shoes, or revives Tingles from their candy grave for another shot at Halloween candy fame.

Should I start a petition?


Blogger thtgrl said...

I have never heard of these "tingles"! I'm sorry to have missed them.

2:55:00 PM

Blogger thtgrl said...

are these the tingles?


google had wonka tingles.

3:03:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you one day find your tingles...if i EVER see them...i promise to buy out the whole store of them...or least buy the amount of whats in my pocket...
Dish mama

3:04:00 PM

Blogger Rainypete said...

I'd say we start a letter writing campaign to bring em back.

3:07:00 PM

Blogger Martini said...

that girl - ???? That is extremely interesting! No, those aren't the Tingles I remember, but I wonder if they are a variation. I wonder if they taste similar, or the recipe was sold from Trebor Allan to this Allen company. What a strange coincidence on the names too!

D.M. you're a sweetie!

3:19:00 PM

Blogger ~*Stephanie*~ said...

I have never heard of Tingles...What kinda candy is it?


3:19:00 PM

Blogger Martini said...

Remember my Rockets blog from a few days ago? They were almost exactly just like Rockets, just brighter colours, and way yummier.

4:56:00 PM

Blogger ~*Stephanie*~ said...

oh ok!!

7:43:00 PM

Blogger thtgrl said...

rockets look like smarties, tingles sound like sweet tarts...but more tingley. don't know if i can help you out on this one!

8:51:00 PM

Blogger Ellie Creek Ellis said...

as with the above bloggers, i, too, have never heard of tingles. no wonder they discontinued their sales! am currently living on licorice and cookies, and living just fine, i might add.

11:48:00 PM

Blogger stillfindingnemo said...

Missing me some tingles. Martini...I'm with you man. Point to the petition. I'll sign.

6:21:00 PM

Blogger Lo said...

sorry martini i have never heard of tingles either, must be a canadian thing.

good luck with the petition though and there are more updates on the crazy lady :)

1:07:00 PM

Blogger Lo said...

i was just catching up on all your posts and realized i missed your birthday i am SO SORRY!!!


1:12:00 PM

Blogger Ellie Creek Ellis said...

we still don't know what tingles are!!

4:56:00 PM

Blogger Martini said...

Sorry for the delay everyone.
I have come to the conclusion that Tingles really were a Canadian thing! And, if Rockets are too, then they're hard to describe. They were round, yes similar to Sweet Tarts, but smaller, and tangy, and fruity.

Lo - that's okay! Don't worry.

12:00:00 PM

Blogger stillfindingnemo said...

Rockets are called smarties in the US. But in Canada...smarties are chocolate goodness.

10:32:00 AM

Blogger Martini said...

SFN - No way!!! Is that true?? Wild!

12:26:00 PM

Blogger stillfindingnemo said...

It is very true. A friend sent me American smarties (because...their candy is so much different than ours and I like international cuisine) and lo and behold they were my beloved rockets...pure sugary goodness.

5:39:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I use to buy Tingles by the tub from Costco for awhile, but now they are gone. Please bring back our candy. maybe a special run so I can buy 10-20 tubs.

10:42:00 PM

Blogger Unknown said...

Tell them candy makes a resurgance all the time. I was just sitting here eating my vitamin c thinking of tingles and how much I miss those candies.

6:22:00 PM


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