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Thursday, February 15, 2007


Don’t worry. Not an ancient Aztek or Mayan figure.

Buying souvenirs is difficult. I never know what to buy. Bits of jewellery sell in abundance along tropical beaches, but I don’t know anyone who wears bright aquamarine stones, seashells and shark teeth.

Even though my mom is difficult to buy for, I still do my best to bring her back something. And this year, that something happened to be a small clay figure that was really quite neat looking.

The problem with clay is that it’s sort of on the fragile side. And, unfortunately, airlines are not famous for gently stowing traveller’s luggage.

Our luggage, probably stowed beside the landing gear, was crushed to atoms by the hydraulics when the wheels were retracted. We were able to salvage my Scooby Doo boxers, a shoulder strap, and my mom’s headless clay figure.

Saddened by the demise of ‘Roger’, I printed a photo of us standing in front of the mountains, put it into a nice frame, and gave that to my mom instead. To explain the situation, I showed her the above picture of what her souvenir should have been, and she actually asked me to print it for her.

The best thing about a photo of the obliterated ‘Roger’ is that my mom will never have to worry about knocking it over.

But the next time I visit my parents, I hope I don’t find ‘Roger’ sitting in that frame instead of me and Suz. That would just crush me.

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Blogger patti_cake said...

Oh I can relate. Some of my stuff was broken on my Wisconsin trips. I can't like that.

1:04:00 PM

Blogger honkeie2 said...

I have always been tickeled pink when watching ppl coming off cruise ships pulling luggage trailing alcohol. If you dont package the bottles right the 'throwers' will smash them and make mixed drinks with your under things.

2:41:00 PM

Blogger Chana said...

that is a N17 pic i say, lol..or is it just my dirty mind?

buying presents can get tricky, the space with the million of kids we have, the figuring out what the heck..so far we have done good with stuffies, jewelry and clothe but our kids are young still...

the adults get trickier i agree.

11:53:00 PM

Blogger Martini said...

What's the deal with alcohol anyway? Because of the new strict anti-terrorist regulations, you're not allowed to take more than 100ml of liquid on your carry-on. So the alcohol must go in the stowed luggage, right?

Wrong. It's not allowed there. They make some sort of exception to the 100ml rule when it comes to alcohol. Well, that's just an open door for terrorists!

1:24:00 PM


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