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Sunday, January 27, 2013

The DeLorean Crash Test

"The DeLorean proved to be a very well designed vehicle in terms of allowing a relatively great amount of front end crush without adversely compromising the survival space in the compartment." -NHTSA
Here we go again! Yet another bonehead has found this old DeLorean crash-test video and I can't stop laughing. The authors' editorial on the impact and on the car itself is erroneous to the point of hilarity.

The comments are SO asinine I'm not even going to put the link to the article because this idiot should not be receiving more traffic. But if you're curious, it was posted January 10 on Bangshift.com. If this posting is indicative of the level of intelligence Bangshift.com employs, I urge you to stay far, far away.

Yes, yes, opinions! Everyone is entitled! Unfortunately many a DeLorean author has formed an opinion having never even set eyes on one. More often than not, they regurgitate incorrect specs and compare the DeLorean to modern cars rather than their 1981 counterparts. Always an amateur thing to do.

The video is old. A total geezer. It has been discussed for years. If you haven't seen it don't watch it like Brian did, full of hate. Watch objectively.

There is a lot of competition but the title, "...fold up like a wet cardboard box", is possibly the most foolish remark. I almost feel sorry for Brian, who doesn't understand crumple zones or, more likely, any sort of basic automotive engineering. I truly feel bad for this dunce who sees wet paper where most see the car crumpling as it was designed.

Because this is the higher 40-mph test it's difficult to compare to other early 80s crash-tests. Most are the more common 30 and 35 mph tests. Regardless, the NHTSA report declares the 40-mph test a success.

Here's the simple truth: the DeLorean was designed to crumple in a crash. By engineers. Engineers are generally considered to be pretty smart. Guys who write shit on the internet? Not so much (Look Mom! I'm on the internet. I'm writing in my blog! Look! MOM! LOOK AT ME!).

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Blogger Martini said...

And on the comments regarding the driver's door popping open - this was a very early car with no structural glass in either doors. Based on this test changes were made and further crash-tests resulted in neither door opening and the cabin retaining even more of its shape.

4:06:00 PM

Blogger Unknown said...

This was new footage for me, Martini. I looked at it objectively, and was surprised at the energy absorbed by the car. I did not know anyone did a crash test above 40 mph. Were John building this car today, of course, air bags would also be included.

1:23:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, I went and read the comments...and I agree, they are idiotic. Any decent analyst / academic should know that you can't compare vintage vehicles with modern vehicles and you can't apply modern crash test standards to vintage vehicles...and I'm pretty sure there are probably videos of modern cars doing the exact same thing, which, as it has been pointed out, it to crumple in order to protect the passengers...

10:18:00 AM

Blogger Martini said...

I know my counter was harsh, but I get really upset when I hear the same negative and false things over and over. I need to learn to deal with it. Pesonal thing.

And Michael, originally air bags were designed for the car and installed in a couple of test vehicles. They were dropped due to cost.

12:22:00 PM


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