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Thursday, November 22, 2012

DeLorean Bling

DeLorean Bling!SQUEE SQUEE SQUEE SQUEE! I heard the nose coming from the engine, directly behind my head. "That sounds like us" I said, slightly worried. "No, it's NOT us!" declared Sue. SQUEE SQUEE SQUEE SQUEE! "Yeah, that's definitely us." I replied. "No! Don't stop the car!" yelled Sue.

A few seconds later I had no choice. With a tiny snap my rear window fogged up. I immediately pulled off the highway and shut the car off, then watched as coolant spewed onto the ground. I peered into the engine bay only to find my water pump pulley was missing. It had snapped off due to metal fatigue, wedging itself into a nook in the 2.8L PRV.

Dave Swingle, owner of DeLorean Motor Company Midwest called it "A very unusual failure!" And so, my summer fun ended and work began on the DeLorean.

My choices were as follows. Pull the water pump, press a new pulley on, and reinstall my water pump. I didn't see the value in that since the cost savings over option two was about 37 cents. Option two was pull the water pump and replace with an OEM water pump and pulley. And finally, option 3 was pull the water pump and replace with a bolt-on pulley & pump.

For less than $100 more, I liked option 3 the best. The bolt-on pulley was the most logical choice. If my pulley ever failed again I could simply unbolt it myself and bolt on a new one, thus saving me the hefty labour expense (By the book, it's 6.5 hrs).

So who sold a bolt-on pulley? Hervey. And it was anodized aluminum. Sweet.

When my mechanic placed the order, Hervey told him there were only 2 left. And he wasn't planning further production of them. I bought the entire silicone hose kit (lifetime warranty) and my mechanic took the utmost care installing it all, as if he were working on a show-car.

Should this pulley fail, it is an inexpensive DIY job I am absolutely capable of undertaking. Should it not, I have a bitchin bit of bling to dress up my 31 year old engine bay! It's always awesome to make the best of a bad situation.

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Blogger Unknown said...

I agree, this was quite an unusualfailure. I'm surprised at the message abut limited production and would not let this intimidate you, Martini. DMC will always source a part for you. Glad there was no further damage!

3:42:00 PM

Blogger Martini said...

Limited production made me want it more. I don't like having what everyone else has. It's part of the reason I drive a DeLorean. Yes, I was very lucky. It could have been much worse!

6:54:00 PM

Blogger awildermode said...

Make it into a cup holder.

12:28:00 PM

Blogger Martini said...

HA! Actually, been talking with a friend - we want to weld it to something and make a "break-down" award out of it. Award it to the person with the biggest, most expensive, or highest number of breakdowns in a year!

4:27:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"as if he were working on a show-car." He was.

The joys of owning a classic car. Yours is a bit more of a challenge because of it's uniqueness. But finding parts for these classics can be such an undertaking! Identifying the problem is one thing, finding the part and replacing it can be another. At least you had options! The third was definitely the way to go. Had to be a relief when it was done!

Hey, Hallmark (not sure if you have them in Canada) has a DeLorean "Back to the Future" Christmas ornament! I bought one for my 21 year old who also likes those cars! Just thought you might like to know.

7:33:00 AM

Blogger Martini said...

DeLorean parts are available through a couple of independent vendors and the DeLorean Motor Company in Texas! Problem is, I have to pay to have it all shipped to Canada and all the DeLorean mechanics are in the USA.

I haven't seen the ornament yet, but a few people have told me about it!

8:42:00 PM


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